Ensuring you enjoy your pool all year long.

Our Approach

There are many pool service companies available, so why choose us? The easy answer: Service. 

BluBrite won't show up, dump some chemicals in your pool, and then hope for the best. We test your water and then calculate before adding anything; we take the time to understand the chemistry of your pool before changing it. 

We won't use your filter system to vacuum your pool either - we preserve the lifespan of your equipment by using our own portable, cutting edge equipment.

We believe in the value of empowerment. If you're a pool owner we'd love to do the work for you - we love the business - but we also understand the pride felt after tackling a seemingly daunting task oneself. We can teach you to care for your pool and will be available down the road to answer your questions.

While we employ the very best cleaning instruments available, we also believe in time tested tools... like elbow grease and attention to detail. Need a new filter cartridge, pool toy, or part? We can help you with that too! If it's not on the truck BluBrite can find the best price available and deliver or ship it straight to your door.

BluBrite Pools maintains a complete record of your service visits and will keep a detailed log of your equipment. If a year or even two years pass and something happens, we can provide detailed schematics and how-to information unique to your pool.