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Ensuring you enjoy your pool all year long.

Full Service Starting at less than $35 per Week, Chems Included!

Hi Neighbor!

Hiring a new service company and inviting them onto your property can be a nerve-racking experience. Not all pool services are created equal, and we're here to change the way your pool is serviced, allowing you and your family to enjoy your pool without worry. When you choose BluBrite as your service provider, you'll see what's been missing. 


Central Florida is saturated with pool service companies, so why choose us?  


BluBrite Pools is a veteran owned business and Michael, the owner, brings a unique, rounded approach to the industry, and a passion to offer exemplary service that's affordable. With more than 15 years experience in both commercial and residential pool service, he brings a knowledgebase and work ethic to your backyard that'll put your mind at ease. 


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Aerial View of a Pool



Weekly Cleaning Service

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Green-to-Clean Service


One-Time Cleanup Service


Commercial Pool Service


Pool Inspection Service

Coming Soon

If you're looking for a service that's comprehensive and dependable, BluBrite is the right choice. Your pool will be safe and ready for your family's enjoyment, week after week!

There are already enough swamps in Florida, but no one wants one in their backyard. BluBrite can whip your green pool back into shape, pronto!

Just back from some time away? Want your pool ready for an upcoming party or Real Estate listing? Whatever the reason, we can help!

CPO certified technicians know what county Health Inspectors look for, and we understand the extra care needed to keep your guests safe and your pool(s) looking great!

Buying a home with a pool can be scary; ensure you're not inheriting someone's problems and protect your investment by scheduling a comprehensive pool inspection.


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