Green Pool Recovery

Our chemical remediation process can take as little as two days (but up to 7 in some cases) and requires no draining and filling, saving money on your water bill and giving you peace of mind. 

Did you know pool shells can "pop" out of the ground when drained? We do, and while it doesn't happen often, an improperly trained and underinsured service company can end up costing you thousands in unnecessary repairs. BluBrite Pools won't drain your pool - or your wallet. 

With no contracts and easy payment options, we make the business of pool cleaning painless and hassle-free. Call today for a free estimate!

Day 3, Green Pool Recovered

Day 1. Chemical treatment. Some pool cleaners might drain, acid/pressure wash, and then refill this pool, costing even more than the initial bid via a surprising water bill at the end of the month. Not us. We can recover your green pool WITHOUT draining and filling.

Early day 2, same pool. BluBrite removes the debris after killing the algae.

Day 3, same pool. At this time The dust has settled - and we vacuum it OUT of your pool. We balance the pool and bring the filter system back online. In 2-3 days this home owner's family is able to enjoy their pool.