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Is Algae Winning the Fight?

Unfortunately, once the algae starts, it's hard to slow it down. In the right (or wrong) conditions, once it begins, an algae bloom can double in size in a matter of hours, taking over your pool by the very next day. There's Mustard Algae, Green Algae, Black Algae, and even Pink Algae, and each requires a unique level of attention.

Specific steps must be taken to kill and remove the dead algae, and to prevent it from flaring up again. If even a single step is missed or miscalculated, you may find it difficult to recover your pool, or the algae can come back with a vengeance. BluBrite Pools has the knowhow and the tools to whip your pool back into shape as fast as possible. And we'll leave your pool balanced, ready to swim, and equipped to fight off future algae growth.


Did you know pool shells can "pop" out of the ground when

drained? We do, and while it doesn't happen often, an

improperly trained and/or underinsured service company

can end up costing you tens of thousands in unnecessary

repairs. Our chemical remediation process can take as

little as two days (or longer in severe cases) and requires

no draining and filling, saving money on your water bill and

eliminating the risk of structural damage to your pool. 


If you're having trouble clearing that pesky algae, contact us and we'll come out as soon as possible to provide an assessment and a fair quote.








Light Green/Mild Algae Growth

Pools like this have typically turned green within the last few weeks. They tend to take a day or two to fully recover. Recovery includes thorough testing to determine what leant to the algae growth, killing the algae, removing debris, and the complete balancing of your water chemistry to help ensure  algae outbreaks don't happen again.

Starting at $200 (actual cost may vary dependent upon pool volume)
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