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Leaves, Never fun
Before, Day 1
After Day 3
Up-ground pools are No Problem
Before and After Green Pool Recovery
Day 1 Green Pool Recovery
Day 2, Green Pool Recovery
Day 3, Green Pool Recovered
Enjoy your pool, let us clean it.
Beach Ball in Pool

Our Résumé

BluBrite Pools LLC is a local pool service provider proudly serving Osceola and Brevard counties. Michael, a Navy veteran, cut his teeth in the high paced commercial sector, where he managed a resort water park near Disney. That's 13 slides and flumes,  3 spas, 2 kid's interactive splash pads, and 2 giant pools totaling more than 300,000 gallons! - plus all of the equipment to keep them safe, heated, and operating smoothly. From regenerative media filters to sand filters, and from manual controls to high tech automated systems, he has garnered valuable experience unavailable to many in the industry. He has maintained his CPO certification for over a decade and is committed to water safety and quality.

BluBrite Pools formed in 2014 when Michael saw a need in his community for quality pool service. While there are quite a few such services available - and some of them do great work - none are quite like us. BluBrite has a unique, rounded approach to the industry and a passion to offer exemplary service that's affordable.

A CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certification is not a license to operate, but rather a commitment to both the trade and to those to whom we provide our services. The CPO is a nationally recognized certification earned from successfully passing a comprehensive proctored examination following an intensive course. It expires at 5 years and must be renewed to maintain the certification and stay current with the ever-changing industry. A business license is what allows a reputable pool company to operate within the city/county limits. We maintain both, but not only that, Michael continues to sharpen his skills by attending  CE courses and keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry. 

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